Our Values

We have built a rich and varied knowledge as location managers, production managers and AD in feature films, commercials, photographies, web movies and digital content over the years. In 2016, we decided to join our complementary competences, experiences and business visions to offer optimized tailor-made targeted solutions to our clients. Freds&Co was born.

For many years, each of us has devoted his efforts to enlight the projects he/she defended and to enable ambitious artistic projects to be achieved.

We are all committed to the same values : rigour, artistic aim, good work and job well done. We are wholeheartedly pledged to providing a pleasant atsmosphere in which to work to facilitate communication between artists, directors, photographers and our clients within Freds&Co.

Frédéric Robert – Co-founder Freds&Co

I have been working as a freelance on set for several decades. I have luckily learnt and shared my knowledge with famous directors and photographers (John Woo, Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, Karl Lagerfeld, Blasius Erlinger, Vic Huber, David Lean, David Lynch, …) for famous brands (Chanel, Porsche, Louis Vuitton, Pepsi Cola,  Apple, Bugatti, Armani, …) when I was a Location Manager and as a Production Manager.

More than 400 productions to my credit … read more

Frédéric Tron – Co-founder Freds&Co

From 1990 to 2000, I have been Production Assistant / Location Manager / 2nd AD and 1st AD freelance on different productions features: Maximum Risk, The Colony, Cinderella, Le Désert de Feu, Double down, Quick Sands….

TV commercials: Diadermine, Brownies, Ferrero, Discovery, Peau Douce, Nissan, Taillefine, Mitsubishi, Kodak, Citroen…

Stills for photographers as Peter Lindberg, Max Vudukul, Thierry Legoues, Tomo Brej, Bill Waters, Dingo, Marc Gouby, Chris Frather-Smith, Egon Gade, Douglas McWall…

Production manager since  2000, I am one of the four co-founders of the Freds &Co Productions company since  2016, managing  productions of feature films, TV movies and shows, music videos, TV commercials and stills, social media stills and videos. …read more

Céline Orsini – Co-founder Freds&Co

MBA in International Marketing in hand, I decided to continue the family tradition on sets: both my grandfathers helped building the legendary Victorine Cinema Studios in Nice and my uncle was an a spark. I have been moving towards AD over the past ten years.

At home in English and Italian (I live in Italy), I assist directors throughout their projects : films, TV series, commercials, …

Member of Freds&Co since 2016, I place my artistic sensibility at the service of the clients especially in looking for proper locations and I then manage the coordination of the productions. …read more

Régis Thiriot – Owner and founder

Freshly graduated from French Business School, I met up with the right connections (some of them are still my partners!) and started to work on set: on feature films (Son of the Pink Panther – directed by Blake Edwards in 1993 and more recently on “Romy” – directed by Torsten C Fisher, …) and on commercials (Peugeot commercials, Chanel N°5 commercials, …).

I enjoyed working in the film industry a lot. But back then I was more into own-initiative business spirit. So that after having worked as a stock exchange specialist within a bank, I decided to run my own (eclectic) companies over the years: gardening company, online organic beauty products company.

And then in 2016 I founded Freds & Co Productions: high time we (my partners and I) work according to our own methods and defending the values we trust in.

Sané Yuki Watanabe – Japan contact in France – フランス現地日本人スタッフ

Japanese born and raised in Paris, I have the pleasure to be a member of the marvelous team of Freds&co with my cultural knowledge of both countries I grew up.

I started my career as a technical staff on set in France with Japanese executive production such as Gallilée Production / GPA or local productions like Les productions Balthazar / Kestu / Fulldawa Prod.

And lately begun to work in production of English speaking projects in Paris with Firstep and Orange films

I have a firm belief that Freds&co can bring original ideas to all kinds of expectations by taking part closely on the artistic and technical aspects of each project. …read more