Sané Yuki Watanabe


Japan contact in France


技術職の方面でGallilée Production や GPAの様な日仏エクゼクティヴプロダクションとLes productions Balthazar / Kestu / Fulldawa Prod というローカルプロダクションから活動をはじめて。

近年ではFirstepOrange filmsの制作チームの一員として仏米(英)プロジェクトに携わっています。


Japanese born and raised  in Paris, I have the pleasure to be a member of the marvelous team of Freds&co with my cultural knowledge of both countries I grew up.

I started my career as a technical staff on set in France with Japanese executive production such as Gallilée Production / GPA or local productions like Les productions Balthazar / Kestu / Fulldawa Prod

And lately begun to work in production of English speaking projects in Paris with Firstep and Orange films

I have a firm belief that Freds&co can bring original ideas to all kinds of expectations by taking part closely on the artistic and technical aspects of each project