Dedicated to excellence and artistic creation

Specialized in production over years, we, as freelancers ,record more than 1000 projects in several countries.

Commercials, feature films, Commercial photography, cars and fashion photography, events, Web films and social media contents

We are involved in all the areas of production industry and in executive production of events.

Reduced crews or large units, we handle all aspects of production and we are also very watchful over respect of our clients’ specification in their best interest.

We share our full knowledge of the job to advise and assist brands projects and connect them to artists, photographers and directors who would be able to convey their message best.

Thank you for trusting us!

Based in Nice, we operate in France, Corsica, Monaco, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

We have developed a specific expertise in fashion, luxury and cars.

Thanks to our accurate knowledge of job and net, we are able to respond to tenders even faster. We are then allowed to offer tailor-made shooting proposals which suit our clients best, all throught the production process : casting, locations scout, project design (also for events) , production coordination, …

Based in the French Riviera – famous for its sun and breathtaking views-, we have been carefully selecting thousands of amazing locations, mostly very little known. We offer them to our clients to satisfy their needs of novelty and drama.

We promote excellence. We are fully committed to ensuring our clients’ success.

Our experience enabled us to build strong trust working relationships with our clients.

So that we often accompany our clients further over the years and inspire fruitful collaborations to serve their creativity and artistic demands best.